11 Career Management Pt.4 – The Search

Join Mary Elizabeth and her guest Audra Esposito as Audra shares her story and expertise in part four of our four part series. In addition to Audra’s professional life of helping everyone from students to seasoned professionals in managing their career, she is herself in a career transition. Listen to the series as she shares with Mary Elizabeth her own personal journey. Together they will look at ways to be intentional in your career choices using the RESET Your Buttons Model.

In this final episode Audra and Mary Elizabeth discuss how she is beginning the process of the job search for her new role. One of the things Audra did was enroll in the RESET Your Buttons Mastermind group. She will share how that experience helped her to identify her personal value, overcome fears as well as provide her support and accountability. It’s what Audra refers to as her Positive Point of Follow-up. She also shares how she uses Linked In and her professional network..



Show Notes:


  • Recognize your value and self worth
  • Expectations – expect the best that your network is ready and willing to help you
  • Sense of Self – what are you afraid of and how can support and accountability help you overcome those fears.
  • Examine core values and beliefs – how what you value changes over the years.
  • Take Stock – about the type of support you need to keep you on track and achieving your goals.
  • And much more…


Significant quotes:

”During the Mastermind calls I realized my own value which was the catalyst to pull the trigger and begin applying…”  – Audra Esposito

“I think as we age ….you lose some of that fearlessness.”  – Audra Esposito

“Referrals are coming from people you know and trust and the people on the other side then know that referral is from someone they know and trust.”  – Audra Esposito


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Music: “Adventures” by A Himitsu