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RESET Your Buttons Products

From the book to online micro-lessons, and detailed webcasts, explore our RESET Your Buttons product library.

It all started with a book – RESET Your ButtonsĀ®

The RESET Your Buttons mentality and model first poured out in
the form of a book. Written by Mary Elizabeth Murphy, an expert on
creating and encouraging healthy relationships, this book lays out
how to take control of your emotions when people push your
buttons… resulting in healthy responses to people rather than
unhealthy reactions. Buy the Book Reset_Book_Mock

Let’s get digital.

The RESET Your Buttons digital products were built to give you online access to learn and use the RESET model in your daily life. Your next step to unlocking these products? Joining our free S.T.A.R. Resources Community.

In our secure community platform, you’ll find motivating conversations, passionate people, and both free and paid courses and products to improve your relationships. Don’t wait. Jump into the community and invest in yourself today.

STAR Resources Community

We created the S.T.A.R. Resources Community to bring you together with passionate people, ready for something new, longing for something more, and willing to be a part of something greater. This community is built of a diverse group of lifelong learners who are here to explore different ideas, behaviors, tools, and topics in a supportive environment so that we can tap into something larger than ourselves. Join for Free

52 RESET Mindsets

Learn and grow with a course crafted to help you be more intentional in dealing with family, friends or coworkers. Every week, you will receive a micro-lesson with easy steps to create and maintain thriving relationships at home, at work, and in your community. Join our online community and register for weekly mindsets to jumpstart a change in your relationships. Purchase 52 RESET Mindsets

Your Thursday RESET Call

Now more than ever, we need a safe space and access to the tools that will help us, build trust in our relationships, navigate the unknown, face the unexpected, and get through tomorrow’s set of challenges.

Join our online community and register for the calls for weekly access to much-needed conversation and motivation.

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