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RESET Your Buttons Products

From the book to online micro-lessons, to detailed webcasts,
explore our RESET Your Buttons product library.

It all started with a book - RESET Your Buttons®

The RESET Your Buttons mentality and model first poured out in
the form of a book. Written by Mary Elizabeth Murphy, an expert on
creating and encouraging healthy relationships, this book lays out
how to take control of your emotions when people push your
buttons… resulting in healthy responses to people rather than
unhealthy reactions.


Let's get digital.

The RESET Your Buttons digital products were built to give you online access to learn and use the RESET model in your daily life.

52 RESET Mindsets

Your Weekly Micro-Lesson

Learn and grow with a course crafted to help you be more intentional in dealing with family, friends or coworkers. Every week, you will receive a micro-lesson with easy steps to create and maintain thriving relationships at home, at work, and in your community. Gain access to our online portal of helpful tips and tricks today.

Community Calls

Your Weekly Encouragement

For a special time, we are hosting our Community Call on Thursday nights free of charge. Now, more than ever, our community needs support and understanding. Join the call to bend an ear, share your stories, and learn the RESET approach to keeping a sane mind and healthy relationships during these trying times.

What's to come?

We are currently in the process of creating another print product - the RESET Your Buttons card deck. This deck of cards is the perfect tool for your family, team, or company to kick off conversations to encourage conversations that will strengthen communications and overall cohesion in real-time. Learn more about our product by clicking below.