RESET Your Buttons

Want better relationships at work and at home? RESET Your Buttons shows you how to achieve more productive relationships for greater success.


What People Are Saying

“How you react is more important than a lot of things when dealing with people. “Reset Your Buttons” is a self-help guide form Mary Elizabeth Murphy as she urges people to reevaluate how they react to negative things in their life, or get their buttons pushed. With plenty of wise wisdom on how to condition oneself better, “Reset Your Buttons” is a solid guide full of wisdom.” Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI

“Reset Your Buttons carries importance to the business owner and executive looking to get back to the basics speaking to human nature of the individual. Mary Elizabeth’s writing style is also functional for everyone, regardless of their background in personal and group dynamics. Caveat: Much like Cliff Notes, if you don’t hire S.T.A.R. Resources, you are missing the beauty of the literature!” Bob Abeel, Regional Manager – Noteworthy

“I was anxious to go out and buy this book after reviewing the first few pages. I immediately wanted to send it to my children who are now in the adult world of relationships, both personal and in the work world and say ‘see, it’s OK not to know how to do everything perfectly; not to know what to expect; not to know exactly how to be ready; it’s really OK NOT TO KNOW!!!’ As Mary Elizabeth points out, we have never experienced the next moments of our lives before —- so how can we possibly know how to live them??

Mary Elizabeth reminds us that our reactions to situations at home, at work and other social arenas are all based on our core values and how we respond to challenges to those values. The goal is to be a self-directed person not an “other directed” person; the goal is to be someone who sets or re-sets our own buttons – taking away the power of others to ‘push our buttons.’  We can learn to be a person who says ‘I choose to’ rather than a person who says ‘I have to’.

This book book is a ‘how to’ for all of us to learn how to be the person we want to be and know we can be … and have the tools to be. We just have to do some work to get there!” Jay Polzien, VP Marketing – Artwear Embroidery, Inc

“I re ally liked reading RESET Your Buttons … it was as if Mary Elizabeth Murphy was having a personal conversation with me. It was a lot of fun! I jotted down some terrific ideas I picked up while reading it. Great job!” Keith Ayers, President – Integro Leadership Institute

“Have you read RESET your buttons yet? It is a quick read, packed with insight, and that is a difficult combination. Mary Elizabeth has done it with compassion and her own humor laces the message.
Here is one of my take aways, this is a time of change, hence discomfort, this evoke uncertainty, brings old messages and invites our Saboteur out. Do you know what your Saboteur looks like? Very interesting to do some work inside your own head, sometimes maybe what looked like my “friend” is not so friendly and is NOT playing nice. Only I can address that and the sooner I do, the higher I fly. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!!” Sandra Warren, Owner – Wellness with Attitude

“I read [RESET Your Buttons] immediately from cover to cover and I am impressed to say the least.  I love the fact that your words and thoughts are applicable to everyone and that the way in which you structured them would help anybody to benefit from reading them. I have been a firsthand witness to the difference you make in people’s lives.”  Scott Arney, Chicago Patrolmen’s Federal Credit Union

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