10 Career Management Pt. 3 – The Pay Cut


Join Mary Elizabeth and her guest Audra Esposito as Audra shares her story and expertise in this third part of a four part series. In addition to Audra’s professional life of helping everyone from students to seasoned professionals in managing their careers she is herself in a career transition. Listen to the series as she shares with Mary Elizabeth her own personal journey. Together they will look at ways to be intentional in your career choices using the RESET Your Buttons Model.


In this episode Audra and Mary Elizabeth talk about how to give in order to get. Audra starts her own Women’s Philanthropic Organization and tells her husband that not only is she going to quit her job, she is also taking a pay cut to take her new job.




Show Notes:


  • Recognize what is happening around you, within your current role or industry
  • Expectations – consider your own expectations as well as those with whom you are in relationship
  • Sense of Self – be aware of what your limits are during transition so that you can be the best in your current role.
  • Examine core values and beliefs – what do you, your spouse, partner, family value most, especially in this time of transition.
  • Take Stock – use foresight and create a strategy, consider the opportunity in the change. What are you saying yes and no to?
  • And much more…


Significant quotes:

”I want to continue that mindset of empowering women to doing things for themselves one, but for their communities as well…”  – Audra Esposito

“Moving from community college to university I took a pay cut“  – Audra Esposito

“Job searching unemployed is a lot harder than it is while you are employed” – Audra Esposito

“Life is a series of yeses and nos” – Mary Elizabeth Murphy >”


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Music: “Adventures” by A Himitsu