08 Career Management Pt.1 – And So It Begins

Join Mary Elizabeth and her guest Audra Esposito as Audra shares her story and expertise in this four part series. In addition to Audra’s professional life of helping everyone from students to seasoned professionals in managing their career she is herself in a career transition. Listen to the series as she shares with Mary Elizabeth her own personal journey. Together they will look at ways to be intentional in your career choices using the RESET Your Buttons Model.

Audra’s background in the world of higher education is diverse. Experience in admissions & recruiting, student life, personal counseling and career services. This experience expands across all levels of higher education; community college, undergraduate, as well as graduate school. Additionally, Audra possesses some applicable and helpful management experience in the corporate world.

Personally, Audra has been very engaged volunteering within animal welfare.  She has held various volunteer roles; public relations manager, event coordinator, newsletter manager & volunteer coordinator. She currently has two rescue dogs; Buddy and Zoey. Audra also is a huge supporter of women in leadership. She is an active member with the Charlotte based women’s organization Metropolitan Business & Professional Women (MBPW), serving as President in the 2013-2014 year. And is in the early stages of forming a women’s philanthropy group called Women’s Initiative Network of Lake Norman.

Audra possesses a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Long Island University (NY), and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Marist College (NY).



Show Notes:


  • Recognize that things in the world, in you or in your career may be shifting.
  • Expectations of yourself, your community, your industry
  • Sense of Self – pay attention to the cues or the signals indicating a need for change.
  • Examine core values and beliefs – what fits for you at this time in your life?
  • Take Stock – based on these things what is the best move for you now and in the long term?.
  • And much more…


Significant quotes:


“You make the relationships, you make the connections, you meet other people and your career begins to grow, your business begins to grow” – Mary Elizabeth Murphy

“I was experiencing new skills through my volunteer work and it’s things I was experiencing through my regular job” – Audra Esposito

“Sometimes the lateral move isn’t a bad idea” – Mary Elizabeth Murphy

“Sometimes you need to leave in order to come back at a different level” – Audra Esposito


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