07 In Transition – Tell Me Something Good





Join Mary Elizabeth and her guest this week Angela Skeen as they explore their own personal uses of the RESET Your Buttons model while in transition. Both Mary Elizabeth and Angela share stories about the challenges they faced in the past and how using the RESET model now makes current transitions easier. Angela Skeen is a certified meeting planning professional, entrepreneur, wife and mother of three young children. She is a highly recognized blogger for her innovative industry contributions and has just launched her own business Eventfully Angela.






Show Notes:


  • Recognize – from anticipation to failure and all the buttons in between
  • Expectation – the impact of unfulfilled expectations, especially our own disappointments and fears
  • Sense of Self – when the overly optimistic “we can do it” attitude, becomes too much
  • Examine Core Values and Beliefs – from the past to the future, carrying on traditions and creating new rituals especially during transition and change
  • Take Stock –being a victim vs being responsible for our choices in order to work better with unintended consequences
  • And much more…



Significant quotes:


“Done is better than perfect” – Sheryl Sandberg

“They’re not thinking about you” – Angela Skeen

“Stop worrying about what it could be – make it what it is” – Angela Skeen

“Resume the rituals that will stabilize your life” – Mary Elizabeth Murphy”


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