06 Create Relationships that Work with Yourself


Join Mary Elizabeth and her guest Linda Herrick as they discuss the ways our inner voices can trigger our buttons. During our fourth in our series Creating Relationships that Work, Linda teaches us to befriend our inner voices vs. pushing them away or attempting to ignore them. Learn how to listen for the valuable information these voices have to offer so that you too will find the pony.




Linda Herrick is the owner of Alternative Soulutions and has a passion for helping people awaken to their true self with their own healing abilities, gifts and talents. She is a Certified Instructor for Hypnosis through the IHF, International Hypnosis Federation and also an approved NCBTMB CEU provider for massage therapists.


As a public speaker as well as workshop and retreat facilitator, Linda has a unique ability to hold a group’s attention, by connecting with them as individuals and making them feel comfortable interacting and participating as they learn. Linda is also an instructor for Continuing Education at Joliet Junior College where she teaches classes to gain a deeper understanding of our energetic systems and how they work.



Show Notes:


  • Recognize that a button has been pushed by becoming aware of automatic thoughts.
  • Expectations that are met or unmet – what is behind the voice of the automatic thought. How do your expectations impact those around you?
  • Sense of Self – what part of me is being triggered, perfectionist perhaps?
  • Examine core values and beliefs – how much of my automatic thought is influenced by my values and beliefs?
  • Take Stock – consider the outcomes that result from listening or not listening to the voice of the automatic thought.
  • And much more…



Significant quotes:


“Automatic thoughts are different aspects of ourselves… needs coming up that want to be addressed” – Linda Herrick

“I befriended the voice of scarcity to see why it was showing up or how it could help me” – Mary Elizabeth Murphy

“Saving the world one relationship at a time starts with self” – Mary Elizabeth Murphy”

“Change your breath, change your life” – Linda Herrick




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