05 Create Relationships That Work With Your Money

This episode, the 3rd in the Create Relationships that Work series, is with guest Sue Holm JD, CFRC. Sue is an attorney, mediator and certified financial recovery counselor based in Seattle Washington. We are always in relationship, with people, places and things. Years ago, a banker asked me if I wanted to open a checking account so that my mortgage could be in relationship with my checking account. As if they needed a match maker. Why would a mortgage need a relationship with a checking account? As it turns out what was needed was for me to be in a relationship that worked with my money. Listen as Mary Elizabeth and Sue discuss ways to RESET Your Buttons and Create Relationships that Work with Your Money.




 Show Notes:


  • Money Chaos – when there is never enough
  • Recognize if you are in Money Fog
  • Expectations between what will need to go out vs. what is coming in
  • Sense of Self – The Stability Button – financial stability and being stable
  • Examine Core Values – the struggle between values, beliefs and your financial reality
  • Take stock –money as employees, are they doing the job you intended


Significant quotes:


“The options are make more money, work more hours or spend less”

“If you are paying for groceries with your credit card you could be in Money Fog”

“Financial stability underlies most stability needs” >” 00:00



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