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    Welcome, I’ve been told that the technical how-to of using the forum is fairly self-evident or as some would say intuitive. Well we are about to find out. I’m a turn the key and drive kinda gal myself – so let’s see how far down the road we can get.

    Here are a few rules of the road to keep in mind along our forum journey. Remember that we are traveling in a Guilt Free Zone.

    • Be Kind
    • Be Curious
    • Be Thoughtful
    • Be Responsive
    • Be Your Brilliant Self

    We will do our best to keep the Topics organized. If  you are engaged in a conversation and it takes you to a new topic – please go ahead and start a new Topic and Thread. It will make it much easier as members (especially me) who may need to search for related information later.

    Buckle in and turn up the tunes, we are on our way!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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