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    “By knowing what your core values and beliefs are, by not allowing the Saboteur to play on your doubts, you can stay strong, confront the Saboteur where IT lives and embrace success.” – Mary Elizabeth Murphy

    Wow – the saboteur or negative voice in my head just went off when I typed my name behind my quote, from my book, that i wrote!

    Phew … it grabbed a hold of my value to be humble and tossed it right at me. Then another voice in my head said – “there is nothing wrong with taking credit for your work, especially if it could help someone”.

    Do you ever have a struggle between your values? Does your team of voices, including your saboteur get out on the field and start kicking the ball of your decision around – causing you to doubt yourself?

    When you find yourself questioning something you are doing, is it because you are allowing the negative aspects planted there by your Saboteur to provide the story?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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