03 Create Relationships That Work @Work Part 1


This week we begin our series on how to use the RESET Your Buttons model to Create Relationships that Work. This episode is on How to Create Relationships that Work @ Work. Whether you are an employee, Middle Manager, Senior Leader, CEO or Owner of the company this podcast deserves a listen. You will hear how Mary Elizabeth Murphy and her guest Laurie Taylor from Flashpoint discuss not only the importance of healthy relationships at work that engage employees but how to create them.





Show Notes:


  • The number of small business in America and why that is important
  • The % of disengaged or actively disengaged employees and what to do about it
  • How can managers and leaders better tap into the intelligence of the system and learn from all employees.
  • Why it is important and how to use information in your personal relationships.
  • And much more…


Significant quotes:


  • 28 Million Small Businesses in the United States – Small business is defined as 500 employees or less”
  • Small business employs more than 56.8 million people”
  • Small business accounts for 99.7% of business in the United States”
  • Roughly 22 million of the 28 million are solopreneurs”

Gallop study 2017 show that 71% of employees are disengaged 00:0


Links Mentioned:


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