09 Career Management Pt.2 – Balancing Act



Join Mary Elizabeth and her guest Audra Esposito as Audra shares her story and expertise in this four part series. In addition to Audra’s professional life of helping everyone from students to seasoned professionals in managing their career she is herself in a career transition. Listen to the series as she shares with Mary Elizabeth her own personal journey. Together they will look at ways to be intentional in your career choices using the RESET Your Buttons Model.

In this episode Audra and Mary Elizabeth talk about how to identify and incorporate the things you value most and other interests into your life while building skills that will add to your resume.



Show Notes:


  • Recognize what calls to you and others in your life.
  • Expectations of your unique personal, professional and security needs.
  • Sense of Self – continue to strive for clarity about what you want.
  • Examine core values and beliefs, especially college students regarding student loans.
  • Take Stock – how do you find fulfillment while on the path?
  • And much more…


Significant quotes:

“There’s a lot of students, based on our experience, (who) can spend six and seven years in college because they’re not identifying what the goal is…”  – Audra Esposito

“Students now are very different in that they are very conscious about money.” – Audra Esposito

“…. We know it’s tripled over the last 20 years, the cost of college.” – Audra Esposito


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Music: “Adventures” by A Himitsu