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Get the help you need to RESET Your Buttons® when you join Mary Elizabeth Murphy and discuss how to apply her proven methodology to the situations that most impact your life. Designed to be a high-impact discussion, RESET Your Buttons® webcast calls explore the issues we all face and identify practical strategies to help you achieve your goals.

This is your opportunity to connect with Mary Elizabeth Murphy in a LIVE setting as she facilitates open dialogue and in-depth analysis of the obstacles and challenges you face.

Calls are held via Zoom on the third Thursday of each month at 7 pm Eastern Time.

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Why should you join us for RESET Your Buttons® Webcasts?

Life can be hard. Change is difficult. And sometimes despite your best efforts things don't turn out the way you expected. There are times when it just seems so unfair, and you find yourself caught in the confusion of trying to make sense of it all.

When tensions get high or stress creeps into a situation, it’s easy to fall back into doing things the way you have always done them. You follow the known path, dance the same dance, often finding yourself fighting the same battles. It seems more natural to do what you know, what you've always done. The problem is when you continue to do what you've always done; you get what you always got.

It’s happened to all of us, you’re not alone.

I'm Mary Elizabeth Murphy, author of RESET Your Buttons. I wrote the book, walked the talk and now I am building a community of individuals who are interested in dancing a new dance — people who are ready to resolve the day to day challenges of life that we all face.

We are a community of individuals who are ready to change the repeating patterns of doing things the way we have always done them and expecting different results. Life does not change when we continue to do what we have always done.  It's like rearranging deck chairs on a sinking ship. The ship is going down - it's time to grab the life preserver!

RESET Your Buttons is more than a life preserver. It is an entire navigation system. It will become your navigation system, routing you around the traffic jams and delivering a stress-free you - safe, sound and on-time to your destination.

Researching, writing and living the principles of RESET has been my life journey. I have spent more than 26 years on this work in one form or another. When I started S.T.A.R. Resources my boutique consulting firm in Charlotte, North Carolina I had just relocated from Chicago, Il. I left my family to join my new husband (also from Chicago) to build our new life together in a town where we knew no-one, nothing about the culture, and working from my home. They say that you teach what you most need to learn. I began my journey teaching self-esteem courses to displaced homemakers.

Despite my mother asking me when I was young "why do you let people push your buttons"? It wasn't until many years later while teaching those classes among the displaced homemakers that I began to recognize "the buttons" she spoke of and that we all share.

My business grew, and  we began to receive calls from government agencies, corporate, small business, law enforcement, health care, faith-based and others. Among other things, they wanted our help to create cultures where people wanted to work. They wanted our support to stop the eyes from rolling in meetings, and the stonewalling that went on between people who needed to work better together. They didn't know how to stop the meetings after the meeting. My clients wanted to have fewer traffic jams and stress in the workplace. They wanted a better navigation system.

Throughout the years of doing this work for clients and individuals, I not only recognized that these buttons were universal; I began to notice what would work to RESET them. It took seven years to write RESET Your Buttons.

Since it was published in 2009, I have worked with the principles every day. I'm either testing and applying the work of RESET Your Buttons with clients, or in my own life with family, community, finances, clutter, health.

I have heard stories from readers who have applied the principles when in transition, relocations, divorce, during times of grief. From CEO's feeling burnout to dealing with a new neighbor - the principles of RESET Your Buttons apply.

Many times my readers tell me how they keep the book on their nightstand or reread it during life's button-pushing moments. Organizations request it for work with teams, culture work, growth and succession planning.

What I have learned over the years from my readers, clients and our community are the many ways that the principles of RESET Your Buttons apply to all the relationships in your life. That is what I meant when I said RESET Your Buttons and Create Relationships that Work! 

Oh and by the way, I would like to tell you that I have conquered it. I would like to tell you that I have discovered all my buttons and they have not only been RESET but permanently Disarmed. I would like to tell you that I navigate through every day of my life never hitting a traffic jam or feeling stress in any of my relationships. I would like to tell you that, but that wouldn't be true.

Like you, I'm a work in progress. I move along my path, attempting to walk my talk moment by moment, one day at a time.

Thankfully life continues to provide me with Button Pushing moments. This includes my work with teams, individuals and my many professional and personal relationships. Yes, I use the principles of RESET to improve my relationships with money, clutter, physical, mental and spiritual health, family, community and so much more.

We all need support and encouragement, especially when learning a new behavior or way of being in the world, and that’s just what the RESET Your Buttons community provides on each call.

During these lively, high-impact discussions - you’ll explore common, everyday issues we all face in the situations of our lives.

From the workplace to the kitchen table, you’ll discover how to build strong inner habits and implement our proven methodology in your own life. Each month we focus on a different theme, providing you with practical strategies you can immediately put to use.

Topics vary by month. Examples of topics discussed include:

RECOGNIZE what pushes your buttons. How do you know?

What matters most? EMPHASIZE CORE VALUES

How to keep EXPECTATIONS from becoming disappointments? How to get what you want.

TAKE STOCK of your opportunities

SOS - It just got personal - SENSE Of SELF!

Topics change monthly based on community feedback. Join the community.

Connect LIVE with Mary Elizabeth Murphy as she shares stories, facilitates the community conversation and suggests how to use the RESET Your Buttons principles to navigate through the obstacles and challenges you face. Calls are held via Zoom on the third Thursday of each month at 7 pm Eastern Time.


About Mary Elizabeth:
Mary Elizabeth Murphy is the CEO and owner of S.T.A.R. Resources, a Strategic Learning Partner Firm and author of “RESET Your Buttons™”, (Sept. 2009, Authorhouse). She is dedicated to teaching individuals and teams practical solutions to age old problems, and leads teams and individuals to achieve success both at work and at home. Learn more at and

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I’m not familiar with Zoom. How does it work?
Connecting via Zoom is simple. When you register for the call, you’ll be given two options for joining the call. To join from your computer, simply click the link provided. Or, if you prefer to call in from your phone, simply call the number provided and follow the prompts.

What is RESET Your Buttons®?
RESET Your Buttons® is Mary Elizabeth Murphy’s proven approach for achieving better, more productive relationships at work and at home. This method allows you to recognize how you react to interpersonal situations and control your reaction to negative stimuli in order to achieve better, more productive results.

Are the calls recorded?

On occastion with participant permission the calls may be recorded but not shared. The purpose for the recording is to add to the research which may add to future solutions.