Resetting Expectations to Prepare for Life’s Curveballs

We use the RESET model to navigate life on a daily basis. But every once in awhile life will lob a curveball at us, negative and positive stimuli alike which seem to spring from nowhere at all but which heavily impact our relationships as well as day’s, week’s, or life’s path from that point on.  No one expects a curveball.

Unlike major league pitchers, life doesn’t tip off what kind of pitch it’s going to throw. Reacting to and coping with life’s curveballs is a tricky prospect because most times such events will push all of our buttons, not just one or two. After all, what’s really happening is that some unforeseen, unexpected occurrence has shifted your worldview, even if just for a few hours.

If there is one button to focus on during this time, it is your Expectations button which has been pushed the hardest and in this case, may be the most difficult to RESET. When your Expectations button has not just been pushed, but – in the unique parlance of the South – mashed, an instant reaction is neither warranted nor demanded.  The honest fact of the matter is that we behave in accordance with the way things are or the way “we think” things should be, as it relates to your perception of the situation.

Simply said, when the world or our relationships don’t work the way you think it should work, you aren’t getting what you expect. Note that I’m saying what you expect – not what you want or what you hope for, but what you expect.

Consider how the “curveball” is different than your expectation? What is it about the situation that has changed? How will you use the RESET Your Buttons® model from here to set a new course? What adjustments do you need to make to your navigation system?

Do you have a story of a time life threw you a curveball? How did you adjust? What steps from the RESET Your Buttons® model did you or could you have used to support you during this time? Please share your story with me. Join us for one of our Thursday Night Community Calls click here for more information.