RESET Your Thoughts “On Purpose”

Thinking of the phrase “on purpose” may conjure up negative thoughts. As a child, and even as an adult, you may have heard yourself saying “you did that on purpose.” While you may have been programmed to think this phrase was bad, it’s time to “RESET” your thoughts on this phrase and learn it is key to your success.  When you RESET your thoughts “on purpose” it is because you want to know that what you are doing has purpose and that it is “on purpose.” Your efforts should have meaning, count for something and matter. Ask yourself these questions to transform your negative message, feelings and attitude about “on purpose” and to achieve the following goals: 

  • Getting Through the Day: What deliberate action(s) can I take to move through my day “on purpose,” instead of because I have to, or no one else will? Am I driving the direction of my day or is it driving me? What focus can I bring to my efforts of accomplishing a task or achieving a goal instead of drifting through my day?
  • Thriving in Your Career: What is my purpose in this company/organization? Not what is my role, or my job description, but what is my purpose? What do the results of my efforts provide to the team, to the organization and to the community? This is not a mission statement. It is instead a purpose statement.
  • Volunteering Your Time: When asked to volunteer your time, ask what is the purpose of my efforts? What will I help (not hope) to accomplish? Does this organization’s goals and mission fit with my values and purpose? Is this something that will contribute to my legacy and the future of others?

Patrice Hinton Oswalt, a career counselor, teaches that before taking on something new or honoring someone else’s request, to ask how does this fit with your values – those things you hold dear and contribute to your life’s plan and purpose. For example, choose one thing that you are currently doing at work that you feel you are not doing “on purpose.” Maybe it’s creating a project report or even preparing your annual budget.  Is what you are doing automatic, or guilt, crisis management, or because no one else will? Decide now that for the next 30 days you will do this particular task “on purpose.” Whenever your mind or attitude drifts remember to refocus – or RESET – on the purpose of this activity. You’ll feel more purposeful, productive and back in control of what you set out to accomplish. Until next time…I remain…  Joyfully  yours, Mary Elizabeth Murphy