How to RESET for a Successful Transition

Transitions in life are inevitable. Have you ever felt resistance through a transition? What happens if you do nothing in response to it? The reality is transitions will happen at their own pace. It has been said that change is the only constant, which is so trueWhile change can often be unpredictable or beyond our control, it’s how we deal with a transition that is key. Give yourself permission to be in transition and allow yourself the time that it takes, be courageous and committed to seeing the process through. Learn how to RESET your mind and attitude and embrace the transition proactively. Jim Eisenheimer wrote a “T&D” magazine article entitled “The Art of Transition.” He makes a comparison with transitions and triathlons and states, “It’s your skill at the hidden art of the transition that can make the difference in your ultimate success.” The following are some triathlon tips he suggests you try and that can be applied to how you deal with transitions in life:

  • Look ahead and plan for the next transition
  • Mentally prepare for the transition as you get nearer to it
  • Embrace change, and adopt the new skills and tools
  • Don’t get flustered, smooth and calm win the day
  • Give yourself time to get up to speed in the new phase

As you move forward in life and continue to make transitions, embrace the experience and make the best of it. The more prepared and aware you are of the transition, the better equipped you’ll be to successfully RESET your buttons navigate through it.