First Friday Lunch, Learn and RESET!

"To RESET Your Buttons, you need to recognize that a button has indeed been pushed and what outside factor has pushed it." - Mary Elizabeth Murphy

Because we are human, we aren't perfect. By recognizing that a button has been pushed and then understanding what pushed it, takes practice and patience.

Button pushing moments can be as simple as that little twinge you feel when you think that something in your life needs to change. Maybe it's the excitement of taking on a new challenge. It could even be just the desire to improve in some area of your life - money, family, health or community engagement. Often it involves interaction with another human.

Don't allow the build-up of button pushing moments to lead to a volcanic eruption. You know, the emotional eruptions when you find yourself yelling at the car in front of you, or giving a co-worker the silent treatment. How about the slow burn you feel when someone doesn't make a deadline? Sometimes it's the overwhelming feeling of disappointment when an expectation doesn't get met?

Join us this month in our RYB growing community. Using the principles of RESET, you will learn how to recognize when a button has been pushed and what you can do about it.

Why should you join us for RESET Your Buttons® First Friday Luncheons?

Join a group of like minded people who are ready for a RESET. It may be a RESET in your career, in the way you approach your work, within your business or family.

Life can be harsh. Relationships at work, home and in our communities are occasionally difficult. We all need a place to pause, breathe and meet with people who face similar challenges and who have overcome those challenges. We want to learn from those who have walked a similar path and who have been there and done it.

RESET Your Buttons - First Friday is based on the principles of the book RESET Your Buttons® by Mary Elizabeth Murphy. The First Friday of every month we will gather over lunch to share conversation on ways to RESET.

The luncheon will include a brief presentation on ways to RESET Your Buttons and Create Relationships that Work - at home, in your career, in your community. Each month we learn ways to apply the principles to real life situations.

Our community is growing. You will have plenty of time to learn from the wisdom in the room.

Find out how others RESET in similar situations. Make connections with those who are interested and willing to support you as you RESET Your Buttons.

Whether it's a life transition, career move, a better relationship with your money, a co-worker, your boss, a family member or a friend, we'll be talking about it and offering tips, tricks and resources to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Each luncheon will provide you with information on ways to improve your relationships, including relationships with money, food, community, your health and more. Think about the last time you thought "I wish I could be better at __________", or "I just need a moment to pause, breath and consider the next step to take."

Maybe you are a business owner or in addition to your career you have a side hustle. Perhaps you are the head of the household, a caregiver to a family member, a team or community leader and you are in search of how to RESET and capture that elusive butterfly some refer to as "life balance".

Recent studies talk about how over 90% of people are unhappy at work. Nine-ty Percent!!!

And here's the thing if you are unhappy at work, how happy are you at home? Come join some folks who are seeking ways to improve not only their work relationships but also the many other relationships in their life.

Join our community where each month we will be covering these topics and more using the RESET Your Buttons principles, the support of shared wisdom, and solutions from subject matter experts.

Not sure if you're ready to register yet?

It's okay, that's normal. So here are a few more reasons to consider. RESET Your Buttons® - First Friday. It is more then a monthly luncheon event.

Every month we will meet on-line via Zoom with other like-minded folks and Mary Elizabeth. This virtual meeting will only be available for FREE to those who join the First Friday Luncheon. It will be held once a month so you will have not one, but two opportunities a month to RESET Your Buttons.

The webcast with Mary Elizabeth, author of RESET Your Buttons is held on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm ET. The fee for those who don't attend the luncheon is $25.00. But for you - it's FREE! You will be able to join the webcast from the comfort of your screen for free every month you attend the First Friday Lunch, Learn and RESET!

Want more? Okay! Come to this First Friday luncheon and learn more about what is in the works for members of our community. We have many goodies ready for you - and only when you're ready.

No pressure, no hype. Just a group of like-minded folks who have a feeling that there is something in their life that is ready for a RESET, or who simply want to learn ways to Create Relationships that Work!

Okay - you're still not sure and you need a little more incentive. We get it. It's something new and it means getting out of your normal routine - not to mention the whole meeting new people thing.

We promise it will be worth it.

Each month we have special gift items for the first five who register. So hurry up and be among the First Five to register - for First Friday!

We also want to thank our Sponsor Spa Botanica. They along with our friends at Embassy Suites make sure we have a lovely space to meet and amazing food, with yummy dessert treats. 

And remember everyone who attends will receive access to the 3rd Thursday RESET Your Buttons Virtual Meeting (a $25.00 value) for FREE!

This is the monthly RESET Your Buttons Virtual meeting with Mary Elizabeth that you can attend from the comfort of your couch, using your computer, cell phone or tablet. Join us for Third Thursday @ 7:00 pm EST.

Still more - it's good to want more! You will also receive a $10.00 discount on the fee for the First Friday Luncheon next month. Yep, it's that simple to save.

Attend your First, First Friday and then attend the next month, and the next and so on. Every consecutive month that you attend RESET Your Buttons First Friday, you will receive $10.00 off.

Now that's a deal.

Oh and did we mention we have limited seating? Okay, well we do have limited seating.

So register today! We have reserved a private dining room in Rocky River Grill for 24 people.

So, no kidding - we really do have limited seating and pre-registration is required to attend. So click the button below - now!


" ... see, it's okay not to know how to do everything perfectly: not to know what to expect; not to know exactly how to be ready; it's really OK NOT TO KNOW!!!" As Mary Elizabeth points out, we have never experienced the next moments of our lives before ... so how can we possibly know how to live them?

Mary Elizabeth reminds us that our reactions to situations at home, at work and other social arenas are all based on our core values and how we respond to challenges to those values. The goal is to be a self-directed person, not an other directed person; the goal is to be someone who sets, or re-sets our own buttons - taking away the power of others to 'push our buttons.' We can learn to be a person who says 'I choose to' rather than a person who says 'I have to.'

This book is a 'how to' for all of us to learn how to be the kind of person we want to be and know we can be ... and have the tools to be. We just have to do some work to get there!" - Jay Polzien

Once you learn the language and are a part of the RESET community, you never know when a situation will present itself to use it. - Shaun Moore

"RESET Your Buttons First Friday gives me a chance to pause, breath, reconnect and refocus with what's most important for me at this time". - RYB First Friday Community Member