RESET Your Buttons Events

Step into Encouraging Community

Events with RESET Your Buttons exist to deepen your knowledge, sharpen your skillset, and build encouraging community. Browse the upcoming events below and join in the journey.

Community Call

Your Weekly Encouragement

For a special time, we are hosting our Community Call on Thursday nights free of charge. Now, more than ever, our community needs support and understanding. Join the call to bend an ear, share your stories, and learn the RESET approach to keeping a sane mind and healthy relationships during these trying times.

Ask M.E. Almost Anything

Your Peek Behind the Curtain

Come to the call and ask Mary Elizabeth anything - regarding RESET Your Buttons, Team Development, Leadership Development, Relationship challenges, etc.

First Friday Virtual Lunch and Learn

Your Monthly Ongoing Learning

Join a group of like-minded people who are ready for a RESET. It may be a RESET in your career, in the way you approach your work, within your business or family.  Each meeting includes a brief presentation on ways to RESET Your Buttons and Create Relationships that Work - at home, in your career, in your community. Each month we learn ways to apply the principles to real-life situations.